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Meet Kate, One of Our Many Passionate Small Business Owners

“The one thing that I find very gratifying is when customers walk up to me and say thank you for locating this bakery in this neighbourhood. This neighbourhood needed this bakery. That is very rewarding to me.”

In light of Small Business Month, we are sharing our franchisees’ stories about their entrepreneurial journey with you!

Meet Kate

Kate, our franchisee of Morningside Crossing bakery in Scarborough, Ontario, joined the COBS Bread network in 2021. Before becoming a bakery owner, Kate was working in the health care industry, as a register nurse, and then as a nurse practitioner. “I wanted to give entrepreneurship a go, and I couldn’t think of a better franchise than COBS Bread,” says Kate.  

Although starting a business and being a nurse practitioner are very different, owning a COBS Bread bakery has been very rewarding to Kate. “When the bakery opened, we had long lineups out the door non-stop, it was challenging but I really enjoyed it,” says the Morningside Crossing Bakery Owner. During challenging times, Kate was very grateful to have her Area Manager by her side through it all. “Knowing that I had the support of a highly skilled Area Manager was very reassuring to me. He walked with me every step of the way, throughout the process,” says the franchisee. 

Kate is passionate about making a difference in the world, and has always been an active part of the community. “As a new immigrant to Canada in 2003, I certainly benefited from programs and services offered in the community,” says Kate. As a result, she felt a strong alignment with COBS Bread’s commitment to giving back to the community. “I want to get more involved in the community, not just through our End of Day Giving Program, but also being present at other community events and local schools,” says Kate.