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Meet Lisa, Franchisee of COBS Bread Big Bay Point in Barrie, ON

We’re so happy to introduce Lisa, the proud owner of our newest bakery located in Barrie, Ontario. Lisa is passionate, community focused and enjoys making people happy. She is the perfect addition to our COBS Bread family and we are so excited to have her on our team. Keep reading to learn a little more about Lisa, what led her to this journey and how she plans on giving back to her community.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your journey to COBS

Going back to work after staying at home with the kids was an eventuality. My husband and I started talking about what that might look like and how we might take on new adventures. Oddly enough, we stumbled on the COBS Bread family after a conversation with my father-in-law who had recently spoke to an existing owner on a visit to a local bakery. We initially looked at COBS Bread in 2018 but we were not ready yet. Fast forward to 2021, here we are now!

What did you do before working at COBS?

Starting a new business is never easy, but starting it after being a stay-at-home mom for 13 years is even harder. Yet, I am up for the challenge and it demonstrates to my family that you can accomplish great things with some hard work.

When did you join the COBS Bread family? Why did you decide to open a COBS Bread bakery?

We joined the team in February 2021 and began the process of becoming a COBS Bread franchisee. We love fresh baked products and the wonderful environment of a bakery that consists of happy people and great tasting goodies!

What are you looking forward to about your new bakery?

We are looking forward to meeting the local community and forming lasting relationships with our customers. While along the way, we are looking forward to being a contributing member of the community.

What charity did you pick and why for your community day?

We actually have several local groups that we will support through the End of Day Giving Program. This includes groups that help those in shelters, church groups that support communities in need, as well as small grass root community groups that support those that are struggling with mental health, addiction and homelessness.

Before joining COBS, were you much of a baker?

I like to bake desserts, who doesn’t love desserts? Before joining COBS Bread, I was not a professional baker, but I am now!

How are you planning on getting involved in the community?

We believe that having a warm and welcoming bakery is the key – inviting our community groups and customers to see and experience the bakery. We hope that in the nicer weather time, we can have some outdoor events, while navigating through the current health emergency.

Join Lisa and her team on December 17 for the opening of COBS Bread Big Bay Point! If you are interested in opening your own COBS Bread bakery, inquire today.