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Meet the Cripps – AGAIN! Franchisees of COBS Bread in Dartmouth, NS

Well, it’s been just over a year since COBS Bread opened in Bedford, Nova Scotia by sister and brother duo, Rebecca and Ben Cripps. The year was like no other in so many ways, and it’s thrilling to see that despite the challenges they were faced with, they were eager to open their second COBS Bread bakery in the Halifax region at Tacoma Plaza in Dartmouth.

Check out their video below, and read on below to learn more about how the Cripps are contributing to the community of Dartmouth.

What did you do before working at COBS?

Prior to working with COBS, Rebecca worked in the culinary field, and Ben worked towards completing two degrees at Cape Breton University. We both adore food, and grew up baking with our late grandmother. We cannot wait to introduce our delicious products to this new market and celebrate fresh in Dartmouth this summer.

When did you join the COBS Bread family?

We first reached out to COBS in 2018 and began our journey. I (Rebecca) moved to Toronto for  months to complete training and learn all the tips and tricks. Ben joined me to focus on sales, and as a team we completed our training program. From there, we opened our Bedford location in February 2020. With the help of our generous community and wonderful staff, we are grateful to keep our doors open during the trying times associated with COVID-19.

Why did you decide to open a COBS Bread bakery?

We decided to open a COBS Bread because they offered us an opportunity to do what we love and work together as a family. COBS has given us the chance to help those in need with our End Of Day giving program which assists local charities with food donations. This is something we are very proud of and pride ourselves on giving back.

Before joining COBS, were you much of a baker?

Prior to joining COBS, I (Rebecca) worked in the culinary industry and did a lot of baking in my spare time. Baking has been a way for me to destress, and is something especially important to me. Ben wasn’t always a baker, but in the past few years he has really enjoyed learning the ropes!

How are you planning on getting involved in the community?

We have met a lot of great members of our community with the charity events we have done thus far. We have fundraises for Parker Street Food and Furniture Bank, Freedom Kitchen and Closet, and Soul’s Harbour Rescue Mission. In total we were able to raise over $15,000 and we look forward to working with new charities at our Dartmouth Location.

In addition to that, both Ben and I adore animals, and began sponsoring a kennel at the SPCA in Dartmouth last year. We will be sponsoring another one with the opening of Tacoma Plaza. These dollars go toward care, food, and medical treatments for animals in need.

If you were a treat or loaf from COBS, which one would you be and why? 

Ben: I am a Fun Bun; I am sweet, fun, and ready to celebrate

Rebecca: I am a Cheese and Chive Scone because I pair well with everything!

What’s in your favourite sandwich?

Ben: Montreal smoked meat on COBS Bread Sourdough with honey mustard, sauerkraut, and swiss cheese.

Rebecca: Mixed meat sub at 2 Boys Smokehouse & Deli, a local butcher shop with amazing sandwiches!  Always extra cucumber, cheese, toasted, honey mustard. It’s the real deal.

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