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What You Can Do For Mental Health Awareness Week

October 2 marks the start of Mental Health Awareness Week, with world mental health day on October 10th. This week we are challenging you (and ourselves) to try one or more of our tips* below and put a priority on mental health.  

Be present 

One thing that is a surefire way to get you out of your head is by engaging in an activity that forces you into the present. We may be a little biased, but we love cooking & baking for that reason! Having to stay focused on the task at hand is our form of meditating. Try it for yourself with one of our many recipes 

Get quality sleep 

This is definitely one of the tips that is easier said than done, but ensuring you get a good night’s rest goes a long way to looking after your mental health. If you struggle to get to sleep, try one of the below: 

  • Change your phone’s settings to night mode – this will eliminate the blue light that often keeps you awake longer. 
  • Better yet, don’t look at your phone or any screen for 30 minutes before you want to get to sleep. 
  • Often, as soon as your head hits the pillow, that’s when you think of a million things! Listening to a podcast, meditation, or an audiobook can help to keep those thoughts at bay so you can get to sleep faster.  

Set a morning routine 

We know not everyone is a morning person, BUT there is something to be said about creating a morning routine and starting your day off on the right foot (no matter what time that may be). Creating a morning routine isn’t meant to add more things to your “to-do” list, but rather set you up for success and energize you for the day ahead! Here’s an example of how simple the routine can be, and of course make it your own and tailor it to what will bring you energy and joy.  

  • Make your bed after getting up 
  • 5-10 minute stretch 
  • Morning coffee/tea and 15 minutes of reading, or listening to a podcast 
  • Make a delicious breakfast, or pick something like a flakey croissant up on your commute 

This routine would only take approximately 30 minutes!  

Check out these breakfast recipes that take less than 15 minutes to put together.  

Stay active 

Set yourself a daily, weekly, or monthly goal. Something that will push you but also that is attainable. We love working with a daily step goal. If your phone or smartwatch tracks your steps, take a look back at your average and add 2,000 (or more) to that average. You’ll be surprised at how a simple thing like a 5-10 minute walk during the day can help you reset and relax.  

Connect with someone  

Fostering or starting new relationships can be so rewarding, and it also can create a safe space for open discussions. Whether you’re meeting a friend over coffee, having a weekly chat with someone at work, or even joining a new group who share similar interests. Fostering these relationships can provide you with a strong support network when challenges arise. 

Dance it out 

We had to add this one into the mix, because there is something so freeing about just dancing it out! Put on your favourite songs, dance like no one is watching (because they aren’t), and feel those endorphins come rushing in. Even if you just dance your heart out to one song, every little bit helps. 

*Tips are general suggestions for wellness. If you need more help, it is recommended to seek out a professional.