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Mini Pizza Dough Difference

Our new mini pizzas are dough-licious!

We were on a pizza mission: let’s make the best hand-crafted pizza that our customers can take on-the-go to eat in between meetings, as a quick mid-day cheesy pick-me-up, or just for taking it easy. And we did just that: introducing our new mini pizzas that come in 4 delicious flavours on our fermented Turkish dough , and all in personal sizes.

What is it about our dough that makes them so delicious? We made the switch to our fermented Turkish dough. If you’re a fan favourite of our Turkish bread that comes in a few flavours and sizes, then you’re in a for a saucy treat! We now use the same Turkish dough on our new mini pizzas.

We start the dough the day before by making the poolish (that’s the secret sauce to an outstanding fermented dough) which is just three ingredients: flour, water and yeast. Then, we follow five steps to get you a tasty mini pizza that’s fresh from the oven and on the shelf ready for you to devour.

  1. We let the poolish ferment for up to 20 hours
  2. When the fermentation process is complete, we take our poolish and prepare our dough using flour, water, yeast, salt, and olive oil
  3. After that, we stretch each mini pizza by hand
  4. Then, top it with the ingredients in our 4 delicious flavours
  5. Finally, we bake them off in a 500°F oven for 16 minutes

We don’t just stop there! We also bake these throughout the day so you know that you’re getting a fresh mini pizza that was made by hand in every one of our bakeries.

The real difference is the crust that’s made using simple ingredients with a not-so-simple fermentation process. With our Turkish dough, you get a golden crust that is crispy, light, and bubbly with an airy centre. Then, you can taste the difference that the fermented dough makes since it’s actually memorable. We’ve all been there: you pick up a pizza and request specific toppings since they are the star of the show. You don’t really care about the crust because the toppings are all you taste anyway. Not anymore! We were set out to make you remember the crust and we’ve done just that with our new mini pizzas. So now, when you’re taking a bite, you don’t just notice the salty prosciutto, or the tangy pineapple – you notice the crust too. Whether you’re a pineapple lover or pineapple hater – you are going to love our new mini pizzas.

Try them today in 4 dough-licious flavours!

Chorizo & Prosciutto Mini Pizza
Hawaiian Mini Pizza
Cheese & Veggie Mini Pizza
Spinach, Mushroom & Garlic Mini Pizza