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New Franchisee Sandra Raised $8,000 for Windsor Regional Hospital

Sandra, the franchisee of COBS Bread Union Square in Ottawa, joined the COBS Bread community in February 2022. Since then, she has been doing what she loves – giving back to the community, while operating her own bakery.

“My husband and I applied to becoming a COBS Bread franchisee in 2020, after seeking for franchising opportunities for a while. One of the reasons why we chose COBS Bread was because giving back to the community is extremely important to us,” says Sandra, the Union Square Bakery Owner.   

Union Square’s Community Day

Reviving a tradition that had to take a step back due to the pandemic, Sandra opened the COBS Bread Union Square with Community Day, where 100% of the sales are donated to a local organization. The Union Square team raised $6,220 which Sandra rounded up to $8,000 for Windsor Regional Hospital’s paediatric unit, to assist the hospital in purchasing a new mobile dental x-ray machine.  

Before bakery opening, the Union Square team started spreading the word about Community Day. The team was excited to be part of the meaningful initiative and to achieve their goal. Windsor Regional Hospital also sent out a press release and shared the initiative on social media, which increased community awareness.

“I have a deep appreciation for all that medical professionals do for us, which is why we decided to raise funds for the hospital. Medical equipment gets old very quickly, and the government can only provide limited funds for that. So, I contacted the hospital and asked them what type of equipment they need. We selected the dental x-ray machine because it has been 20 year since the hospital purchased one for children, and it is an achievable goal for our team,” says Sandra. 

Sandra’s Philosophy in Community Giving

Aside from Community Day, Sandra has been enjoying giving back to the community through other initiatives such as the End of Day Giving Program and Doughnation Campaign. “We are looking forward to crushing the road next year for Doughnation Campaign and continue our efforts to give back to the community through the End of Day Giving Program,” says Sandra.  

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