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Origin of our Herb & Garlic Buns

Herb & garlic is no longer reserved for cream cheese.

The classic burger has recently been challenged: burgers are taking on new flavour profiles, new ingredients, and new textures from vegan patties to non-traditional cuts of meat. In a world of endless burger options, we decided to experiment with something that’s just as important as the patty: the bun! Because we should have more bun options too, right?

Introducing our Herb & Garlic Gourmet Bun. The idea for a savoury bun originated from our bakers at COBS Bread Spall Road, located in Kelowna, British Columbia. We loved their idea so much that we took it into further development, and voila! The Herb & Garlic Gourmet Bun was born. Our bakery teams are passionate about everything they do and new products are no exception, especially when it’s one of their own.

Filled with our favourite Mediterranean spices, like basil and oregano, it will take your next BBQ experience to a whole new level. Baked fresh everyday, we can guarantee your bun will be both fresh and flavourful. This bun is very versatile and will pair well with any protein you choose.

Gone are the days when the protein is the hero of your burger or sandwich. And we’re not the only ones who think so. Don’t believe us? Visit a COBS Bread near you.

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