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Our 2021 Highlights

2021 has been…a year! With many highs and lows for all, we wanted to share some of our favourite things that happened this year at COBS Bread.

  1. Our End Of Day Giving program is at the centre of everything we do. We bake all of our products fresh every day and then we give fresh every night, so every bread finds a home. Across all our bakeries this year, we were able to donate an incredible $67,700,389 of bread and baked goods.

Fun fact, we donated 28,144,887 items which is around 6077km of bread! That’s approximately the width of Canada coast to coast!

  1. One of our most frequently asked questions is “When are you opening here”, so the fact that we were able to open 8 new bakeries across Canada was such a great win. Thank you for welcoming us into your community!
  2. The growth doesn’t stop there, we have had 27 new Franchisees sign up to open a COBS Bread bakery, and we already have 2 bakery openings planned for January! Stay up to date with new locations here.
  3. We found a new way to connect with our customers (and be able to give you back even more) with the launch of our COBS Club app! We have given out over 60,000 $5 rewards already! Not a COBS Club member yet? Sign up today to get a piece of the action.
  4. We expanded our vegan-friendly offering and introduced a brand new mini pizza flavour – the Beyond Sausage®Arrabbiata Mini Pizza. We’re so excited to develop more vegan options for you all so keep your eyes peeled for what we’re baking next…
  5. Thanks to all of you (and your love of hot cross buns) we were able to raise an incredible $293,562 over Doughnation Day. This was donated to your bakery’s chosen local charities! We’ll be doing it all again in 2022, on April 2nd, so save the date.
  6. This next one makes us very happy because we love being part of the special moments no matter how big or small. With the launch of COBS Club we were able to celebrate 14,131 of your birthdays and 12,903 half birthdays too!

Did you know that by joining COBS Club you’ll get a FREE Cinnamon Bun on your birthday? You even get a little treat on your ½ birthday too! Sign up today.

  1. They say sharing is caring and we were so happy to see that almost 30,000 people were given the most delicious gift, a COBS Bread Gift Card this year.
  2. Ever wondered what our most frequently bought loaf is? Us too! So we checked and the official loaf winner of 2021 goes to our White Loaf with the Family Fave Higher Fibre Loaf in a close second.
  3. Finally, we were able to serve almost 12 million customers this year and we couldn’t close off 2021 without saying a big, heartfelt THANK YOU! Thank you for all the love and support you show our bakeries each and every day, thank you for sharing us with your loved ones, and thank you for inspiring us with new ways to enjoy our fresh bread and baked treats!