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Randi’s Love for Bread and Community Led to Franchising in Winnipeg

Randi opened Winnipeg’s first COBS Bread bakery in April of 2018, and her passion for the bread, being a bakery owner, and the community is incredible. Try reading this without smiling… we dare you!

Why Randi Wanted To Open a Franchise

“I’ve always wanted to work in an environment that I genuinely enjoyed and to create the opportunity for others as well. With a lot of franchises, it means having the support to do that. To align with a franchise that has the same vision of community and giving back and being a part of something that is bigger than you while also being able to do so much good. Like, so much good!”

Why Winnipeg?

I asked Randi recently why she thought Winnipeg would be a good place for a COBS Bread bakery. Without hesitation, she replied, “Because I think the kind of people that live here value community, and want to be able to support each other. Even for something as simple as bread- being able to pick something up like bread from a local business that is good, and wholesome, and fresh, with no preservatives… like I said, it’s simple, but it can make such a difference.”

A True Passion for Connecting

Giving and connecting is a true part of Randi’s joie de vivre. Before working at COBS Bread, she worked as an Occupational Therapist, which was also driven by her passion to work with people. “The core reasons I was an occupational therapist is the same as why I became a COBS Bread franchisee– it’s about connecting, humanity… making people’s day and life better- just in different capacities!”

A Leader That Inspires

It is apparent that Randi’s attitude, work ethic and disposition is infectious and her bakery staff approach every customer experience with the same mission: to connect and make their day better. People have come back in to thank the staff for the kindness they have shown during their interactions with them… and many people have taken to online reviews to share their experience at the bakery. Here are a few quotes from their Google reviews:

  • “A hundred billion infinity stars out of 5!!! Best bakery I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. The staff here are simply fantastically wonderfully amazingly awesome people!!!”
  • “The staff are great and very helpful! The bread is excellent and has better ingredients for you and tastes better than other bakeries!”
  • “My first visit, I would say the service deserves 5 stats. Turns out we were served by the owner. She is exceptionally passionate with her business and seems to genuinely want to connect with her clients. These are the types of businesses I love to support.”

Winnipeg has embraced Randi, and shown that there is a community that loves COBS Bread. We are looking for more franchisees to open bakeries in Winnipeg- apply now!