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Really Easy Grey Cup Recipes

Really Easy Grey Cup Recipes

Maybe you’re a diehard CFL Fan. Maybe you just watch the Grey Cup. Or maybe you had no idea that the Grey Cup was this weekend, but you just found out and refuse to turn down the chance to yell at the television, drink beer and eat to your heart’s content.

Whether you’re stuck with hosting duties or don’t want to be that person that turns up empty-handed, we’ve got 3 very easy ways to make it look like you put in the effort. (And a couple recipes for that unsung hero who does put in the effort.)

Sourdough Family - 1080

Bread Bowls! Fun fact, at COBS they’re called cobs. We’ve got large cobs, demi cobs and even Sourdough Rolls (that look like mini cobs!) that make the perfect vessel to fill with dips. Just slice off the top, cut out the insides and fill with a premade fan favourite, like Spinach Dip or this Beet Hummus Recipe. We recommend getting an extra loaf to put on the side. As a bonus, if you’re taking this to a party, wait until you get there to fill the cob – you wouldn’t want it to get soggy, and someone will likely take over for you while you wander towards the tv.

French Baguette - 1080

Baguettes : Easy, impressive and goes with both sweet and savoury toppings! Go big with our Pane di Casa Baguette – It’s 60 cm long so looks as impressive as it tastes. Pick up some fancy cheese or meats, and head to the party for an easy appie! Add a sweet option by pairing with fancy jams or chocolate hazelnut spread.

  • Pro tip: Slice at an angle to make it look fancy, or tie a ribbon around the baguette and hand over everything like a hostess gift.

Slider Buns and Dinner Rolls – Our slider buns and dinner rolls are fresh, fluffy and just the right size to please large groups! Not quite as last minute as the above two options, but just as easy, this Pulled Pork Slider Recipe makes it easy to feed large groups with little effort! Not a pork fan? Shredded chicken is another good alternative! Looking to take it one step further? Try these Pineapple Teriyaki Sliders from Napoleon Grills

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Sandwich with Summer Slaw


Stepping up the game: These recipes take a bit more effort, but they are definitely a touchdown. Serve these Smoked Philly Cheesesteaks from Napoleon Grills and you’ll definitely be the MVP of the party or make a large batch of Ghost Pepper Chili for a tasty crowd pleaser.

Enjoy the game this weekend, hopefully, your team is in the final! There are only 9 teams in the league, so the odds are looking pretty good! With our bread at your side, you’ll be a winner any which way!

Find your local COBS Bread Bakery to get the freshest bread for your Game Day feast!

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