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Say Cheese!

We take great care in providing only the best quality ingredients in all of our products. That couldn’t be more important for one of our favourite ingredients—cheese!

Our Garlic Cheddar Sourdough is a mouthful of deliciousness with the perfect balance of garlic, mixed herbs and an aged white Cheddar from Paradise Island Foods. This cheese is crafted with 100% pure Canadian milk and aged for up to 9 months, resulting in a creamy texture, with a sharp edge and smooth finish, which compliments the flavours of our traditionally fermented bread.

Paradise Island Foods was founded on Vancouver Island in 1978 by George Thomson who started his family business as a one-man operation distributing quality food products to retailers and restaurants from his home-based business. Today, the family culture of the business continues under the leadership of Thomson’s son, Kevin, who is focused on the development of quality innovative dairy products. COBS Bread is proud to partner with Paradise Island Foods, and in addition to their aged white Cheddar, you can enjoy their feta cheese in other COBS products like our Spinach & Feta Croissant.

This sourdough is the perfect accompaniment to pasta dishes and big hearty bowls of soup or chili – or take your grilled cheese to the next level by making a premium melty sandwich with this bread – cheese on the outside and inside? Yes, please!