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Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we want to help make the festive planning easier this year with some tablescape ideas for any style or budget. A beautifully styled table makes any meal a special occasion and Thanksgiving is all about sharing a festive meal with family and friends you love. Whether you prefer to keep it simple with your favourite dinner items or get a bit more creative with your place settings we have 5 key tips below to suit all.

1. Centrepiece is key

Having a centrepiece on your table is important to set the theme of the table or dinner. No matter how big or small the table is you can find a centrepiece that works for you. Have a small table to work with? Choose an item that’s tall and thin like some flowers or a tall candle with a base. Pumpkins are a great option at this time of year if your table is slightly larger. We’ve opted to make our Sourdough Cob our feature on our table to give our table a rustic, cosy feel. Not only does it look beautiful on display but also helps save time when serving the appetizers!

2. recycle everyday items

Some people like to go all out for the celebrations and buy lots of new items to have around the dinner table. This certainly adds a festive feel but is not required to have a beautifully designed tablescape. Use what you already have around the house and apply your creativity to style items in different ways. We’ve kept our cutlery simple but used a layering technique of placemats and linen we already had in our cupboards. A small favour of a pumpkin tart completes our warm, fall vibe tablescape.

3. Nature vibes

With Fall being one of the most beautiful seasons why not invite a little bit of nature into your home for Thanksgiving? Adding some acorns to table settings is a fun and affordable way to fill up a space. Have some twigs intertwining the centre or place a candle inside a log as a centrepiece. We’ve kept it simple adding some fall leaves down the centre of our table to accentuate the cosy, fall theme.

4. pumpkin power

Thanksgiving is prime pumpkin season. Why not add some pumpkin accents to your table? We adore the mini pumpkins scattered throughout our table but you could also make your pumpkin the star of the show. By removing the top and the insides you could place flowers or candles inside to make your pumpkin piece pop. Having pumpkin tarts, or pumpkin scones as your dessert is a perfect accompaniment to your pumpkin theme.

5. express yourself

Don’t be afraid to add a little bit of your own tastes when designing your table. Do you love colour? Go bold with decorations and napkins. Are you more minimal? Keep it simple with neutral, warm colours. Do you love candles? Go wild and scatter them throughout the table (just make sure you have your fire safety blanket nearby!) Adding some turkey trinkets or figurines is another way to make your table look interesting at Thanksgiving.


However you decide to style your table this Thanksgiving make sure you take some time for yourself to relax and enjoy some beautiful food surrounded by loved ones. For all your bakery needs, COBS Bread bakeries are open all weekend long including Thanksgiving Day. From Sourdough to Scones and Breads to Baked Goods ,COBS Bread has you covered for all your last minute needs. You can be sure your family and friends are getting the very best as we bake fresh in store every single day.

Share any Thanksgiving pics with us by tagging @cobsbread on social. Happy Eatings!