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The First Year of COBS Club

If the COBS Bread loyalty app COBS Club gives its members a scone for their birthday, what does the COBS Club app get on its own birthday?

A simple reminder of how many people we surprised with their own birthday and half-birthday treat is a great start!

Since COBS Club launched last year:

40,802 members redeemed their free birthday Cinnamon bun

That’s one complimentary large Cinnamon Bun. Help us, help you- treat yo’ self!

41,802 members redeemed their free half-birthday scone

And how many customers didn’t even know it was their half birthday? We suspect quite a lot!

In fact, last week one of our customers said, “I just love how @cobsbread has a new app that replaces the old stamp system, and that also informed me of my half birthday, and how I can score a scone. This is delightfully cheerful, in the middle of a very busy day… ❤”

188,788 $5 rewards have been redeemed

This certainly isn’t an accurate depiction of how much almost one million in bread represents, but it’s certainly a dizzying amount.

“Yay, just downloaded the new @cobsbread app to collect points, instead of carrying around one half-full bread card and two with just one stamp each (because I forgot the first one). Now I don’t have to remember, because my phone is always with me.

And if for some reason your phone ISN’T with you? You can simply provide your phone number!

We are thrilled to have so many loyal customers. Thank you for helping make COBS Club a success!