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(The Secret to) Kynan’s Success

Kynan opened the first COBS Bread bakery in Prince George, BC in early 2019. In the first few months of opening his bakery, he was nominated for several awards of excellence from the Chamber of Commerce and exceeded the expectations for his operating profit by over 100%.

So, what would Kynan say is the secret to his success? In a word:


Find out what Kynan did to prepare through all stages of opening his bakery, from deciding which franchisor to select, to training his staff.

Before deciding on COBS Bread

“I spent three years researching self-starter and franchise businesses. I grew up in a family that opened another successful franchise in Prince George, so I really wanted to make the right choice. I had heard about COBS Bread from friends and really enjoyed the product when I tried it on my visits to Vancouver. I knew it would do well in PG as we didn’t have anything comparable in terms of fresh, healthy bread.”

After committing to COBS Bread

“I spoke to franchisees who had just gone through the opening process because it was really fresh in their mind, having just gone through it recently. They can tell you what it really takes to ‘get into it. I recommend that all new franchisees do the same thing. (I’m looking forward to their call!)”

During training at COBS Bread

“I was completely invested in my training, which I think has really contributed to the bakery’s overall success. I really took my training to heart. You really need to get into the bulk of the training and spend time on each baking station to understand the flow of baking production. Also, I trained all of my staff before the bakery opened- both the baking and the sales team, which took 3-4 weeks- so you want to make sure you know your stuff.”

Now that you’ve done it all, do you have any other advice?

“It really is dependant on the person. I would that you need to take the bake seriously. All the hard work at the beginning pays off. Also, know your market and have a realistic budget. Once you’ve done your research, you will know what you are taking on. Know that the bakery doesn’t run itself, but it is very gratifying work. Team work!”

What’s the best part of your day-to-day?

“I’ve become a big bread nerd. I love talking about the product and giving customers meal ideas (since I am also a passionate home cook)!”

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