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Things are Better Doubled

For the entire month of September, 2021, COBS Bread is doubling up on delicious by offering 2x the Breadcrumbs on every purchase in store. Using your COBS Club App you get 4 breadcrumbs for every $1 you spend. Once you have collected 200 Breadcrumbs, you will earn a $5 reward redeemable on anything your heart (stomach) desires. This limited time offer got us thinking about other things that are much better when doubled!


Two shots are better than one when it comes to Canada’s favourite hot beverage choice. Why not put a pep in your step and double up on your espresso, after all what goes best with a coffee (other than a scone of course)? Another cup!


Burgers are always better when they’re double stacked. Not only does it double the caramelization of the beef but you get the satisfaction of double the meat without double the bun. Win win.


We’ve all been there…you’re walking around, minding your own business and poof your data goes. No more knowing where to go thanks to google maps or sharing your favourite photos on Instagram. Double the data means more time to spend learning your awesome TikTok dance that the kids are forcing you to make.


Why have one puppy when you could have two? This works for any pet in general. Two is better than one when you look at their cute, yummy faces.


Double the fun each and every day. Whether you’re learning a new recipe (or two), going for a bike ride or playing with the kids make sure to include some fun in your daily routine.


Don’t just see double, earn it! Shop at COBS Bread all September long to earn double the Breadcrumbs with COBS Club, and reach your rewards even faster!