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Welcome Bhavin – New Franchise Owner of COBS Aurora Gateway!

Introducing Bhavin, the proud new owner of COBS Bread Aurora Gateway. Bhavin took ownership of the bakery just over a month ago. He’s quickly learning the ins and outs of bakery ownership, and enjoying some Double Chocolate Scones along the way! Get to know a little bit more about Bhavin and his journey to becoming a COBS Bread franchisee.

What did you do before working at COBS?

I was a kitchen supervisor at a camp in Fort McMurray. I was in charge of the breakfast shift.

Before joining COBS, were you much of a baker?

Not really! I can cook, and I cooked a lot, but I had never really baked before joining COBS. I know how to run a kitchen and a team, and I’m used to the early hours from supervising the breakfast shift.

When did you join the COBS Bread family? Why did you decide to open a COBS Bread bakery?

Around July of 2018 I started looking into joining COBS. I was looking at different franchise bakeries, but I picked COBS because I like their philosophy to bake everything fresh and donate unsold products. Being part of the community is important to me.

What are you looking forward to about your new bakery?

Right now I’m really just looking forward to learning all the in and outs of being a bakery owner. I took over an existing bakery, so I’ve got some catching up to do! But once I have my feet under me, there are a number of charities that I’m looking forward to supporting.

How are you planning on getting involved in the community?

My inbox is full of requests for donations from charities that this bakery previously supported. I plan to continue those partnerships and add some others. I picked COBS Bread because of the importance they put on supporting the community, so it’s very important to me that COBS Bread Aurora Gateway is known as the Community Bakery.

If you were a treat or loaf from COBS, which one would you be and why?

[no hesitation] Double Chocolate Scone! It’s full of chocolately goodness and topped with sweet vanilla glaze. I think that describes me, full of goodness!

What’s in your favourite sandwich?

That’s easy, Turkey BLT on Sunflower Flax Sourdough. I add mayo and cranberry sauce too. Yum, I think I’ll have that for lunch today.

If you want to be the an owner of a local community bakery like Bhavin, inquire today!