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When It’s a Fit, It’s a Fit! How Charlotte Became a Franchisee.

Buying into a franchise is a huge investment, in more ways than one. For the franchisee, it is an investment of time. It is an investment in the future. And of course, it is one of the biggest financial investments of their lives. For COBS Bread, this franchisee represents an investment into our brand, which it is why it is so important to us that a candidate’s fit into the organization is one of the most strongly considered factors when approving a franchisee.

The reality is that there are a lot of potential candidates who are a great fit. Like many of our top quartile franchisees, they come from a quick service restaurant background, have leadership experience, and aren’t afraid to get their hands doughy. That said, they may not have all liquid capital required to start their own business.

That’s were our financial assistance options come into play. Here’s Charlotte’s story.

Fresh Bread at Last

Charlotte and her family moved to Canada from the UK, she was aghast at the quality of white bread she purchased at the grocery store. “Apparently, Canada doesn’t do decent white bread,” were her exact words. “But then we found COBS in Guildford, BC. We bought Baps and White Dinner Rolls by the truckload!”

Although Charlotte and Dean, her husband, loved living in BC’s Lower Mainland, Dean’s work presented him with an opportunity which required them to move to Courtenay, BC, a small town on Vancouver Island. “Now there’s no COBS!” Charlotte lamented, who missed serving and enjoying those fluffy white buns for her family’s dinner. “So I decided to apply to open a bakery in Courtenay.”

The Application Process

Charlotte said her expectations were low and that she didn’t really expect to hear back about her application. “I’ve worked at McDonald’s in management for most of my career, so I thought that would give me really relevant experience. On the other hand, though, I didn’t have the minimum investment typically required to open your own business. But I thought, ‘Hey, it’s worth a shot.’”

Shortly after applying, Charlotte heard back from a Franchise Recruitment Manager at COBS Bread and began making her way through the steps of the Application Process.

A Customized Financial Plan

Charlotte’s application, interviews, and Discovery Days were all moving along and it was clear that Charlotte embodied the attributes of many of our successful franchisees. Her experience in the quick service industry made her a great fit. She is a passionate and clear communicator. Having worked in a leadership position at McDonald’s for several years, she knew it was important to be there for her team. Because of her strong experience and great cultural fit, the finance and franchising team at COBS Bread built a customized financing plan that would help Charlotte to open her bakery in Courtenay with the resources she had available.

It proved to be a good decision. The bakery was busy from day one, and Charlotte has tackled every obstacle like a pro. It didn’t hurt that two days after opening the bakery, Charlotte and Dean talked about Dean quitting his job to help support the bustling bakery. And he did. “It was unplanned,” says Charlotte, “But it has been so good because we are both invested in the same thing.”

If you also possess the experience, skill and will to be a COBS Bread bakery owner and want to grow with a rising brand, but you’re not sure if you have the investment capital, be sure to submit an inquiry to apply to be a COBS Bread franchisee. We look at franchise candidates on a person-by person basis, and would love to hear from you.

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