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Why Steff Franchised a Second COBS Bread Bakery

Steff Steers is in the COBS Bread spotlight again, with her opening of the new Fairway Plaza bakery in Kitchener only days away! Read a little bit more about the delight Steff brings to COBS Bread and her community, every single day.

When Did You Join the COBS Bread family?

I joined the COBS Bread family in April of 2016. That was when I signed my commitment papers to become a Franchisee in Waterloo. I always had thoughts of being an Owner/Operator of a Franchise – it just took 20+ years to find the best franchise to join. My first bakery, COBS The Boardwalk opened to Community Day on June 5, 2017 in Waterloo. My second bakery, COBS Fairway Plaza will be opening on Mon, December 17, 2018 in Kitchener and we will celebrate our community day, when we donate 100% of sales to a charity on that day, in the new year.

What Did You Do Before Buying a Bakery?

Before joining the COBS network, I was in restaurant management.

Why Did You Choose COBS?

I picked COBS as my Franchisor of choice for a few reasons. I LOVED the product when I tried it. I loved the look, smell and feel of a COBS Bread bakery. The business model from a financial point was attractive. I very much appreciated the process that was involved in becoming a Franchisee. I didn’t want to be part of an organization that allows anyone in without ensuring they are a strong candidate for the brand.

What’s Life Like After Opening Your First Bakery?

I love my COBS life. My bakery is my happy place and having 2 bakeries just makes me happier! I have a huge sense of pride in the product we are putting out. I have the best customers in the world and I look forward to getting to know more at our new location.

Who Are Your Community Partners?

Our new End of Day Giving Partners for Fairway Plaza include: Doon/Pioneer Park Food Cupboard, Out of the Cold, House of Friendship, and Food Bank Elmira. We still have a few spots open. Interested charities can reach out.

I am born and raised in Kitchener-Waterloo. I am very connected to this community and that has only grown since I opened The Boardwalk location. Having a second location will allow me to reach that many more organizations throughout the region. I’ve participated in so many product donations and player of the game cards for kids sports teams. I would love to see our presence at more community events in future, and I will always continue to support organizations as I’m able.

What Do You Like To Do In Your Spare Time?

At times I get a little concentrated in my bakery operations, but when time does allow, I love to run! I’ve participated in many marathons and I love our local running community. I keep promising them I’ll get back to more km’s soon.