Croissant O'Clock

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Baked Fresh All Day So It's Always Croissant O'Clock

Flaky, butter and oh so delicious. Our croissants are baked fresh every morning and throughout the day so whether you have a sweet tooth or crave a savoury treat on-the-go, it’s fresh from our ovens.

Find your local bakery for fresh-baked croissants, no matter the time of day.

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A Treat for Someone Sweet

Our Chocolate Croissants are the perfect indulgence to treat someone special. Bite into a flaky pastry baked around two Callebaut chocolate sticks then topped with a sprinkling of icing sugar and a sweet chocolate drizzle. Because a flaky friend isn’t always a bad thing.

For an extra special treat, try it warm with fresh whipped cream and berries. Find your local bakery for fresh Valentine’s Day treats.

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It’s Always Croissant O’Clock

Whether it’s time for a mid-morning break between meetings, an afternoon tea with friends, or quick snack on-the-go, it’s always Croissant O’clock. Flaky, flavoursome and baked fresh daily with butter, our savoury croissants make a delicious snack to get to your next meal or to take a moment for yourself with a fresh cup of coffee.

Wrapped in a buttery pastry, choose from our Spinach & Feta Croissant which pairs luscious spinach with feta cheese chunks, or the classic Ham & Cheese Croissant combining crispy ham with cheese and baked to golden perfection.

Find your local bakery for freshly baked treats.

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