Introducing Focaccia

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Bring home a taste of Italy

Inspired by the culture of Italy using our finest ingredients, our Focaccia is authentic, traditional and made with amoré.  Hand-crafted , our new Focaccia is baked from scratch daily with aromatic herbs and more extra virgin olive oil than any of our other loaves. Find your local bakery to enjoy this new bread in Italian Herb or Rosemary & Sea Salt.

That’s Focaccia

Dip it in fine olive oil and rich balsamic vinegar. Cut it in half and fill with grilled veggies or cured meats. Toast is as a side next to your favourite pasta dish. No matter how you slice it, our Focaccia is the perfect bread to elevate all your favourite meals.

Our new Focaccia is now available in two flavours: Rosemary & Sea Salt and Italian Herb featuring a delicious blend of herbs including garlic, basil, oregano &  marjoram.

Find your local bakery to elevate your next meal with fresh Focaccia.

Tasty, Fresh Bread Baked Daily

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