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From a quick pop in the toaster in the morning, a lunchbox sandwich at noon or a light and healthy dinner – COBS Bread Healthy Loaves can be a great addition to your family meals! Our sandwich loaves have no added preservatives, sugar, artificial flavors or colors – and they’re baked from scratch daily as well!

Visit COBS Bread at High Ridge Centre to enjoy our healthy range of bread including Higher Fiber and Country Grain Bread.


Our loaves are made with simple ingredients that start with the science of flour, water, yeast and salt. We add wholesome ingredients like 8 grains and seeds to our Country Grain Loaf and oat fiber to our Higher Fiber loaf, for healthy loaves that the whole family can enjoy.


Wheat, sesame, flax seed, sunflower, millet, rye, barley, oats – these 8 seeds and grains that make our Country Grain so healthy (and delicious!) From lunchtime sandwiches to a French Toast Brunch, this loaf can do it all with extra benefits. Baked from scratch with whole grain whole wheat flour, this customer favourite loaf is not only a source of fiber, it also has 4 grams of protein per slice.


How do you sneak extra fiber into your child’s (or your) diet? Our Higher Fiber Loaf has four times the fiber of our White Loaf – but tastes just like a White Loaf! Higher Fiber is made with oat fiber, something that kids can’t see (or taste!). Our Higher Fiber Loaf is the perfect sandwich box snacker from a simple PB&J to a triple decker club with the finest of cheese singles.

Stop by COBS Bread at High Ridge Center to pick up your healthy loaves!

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