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Healthy Loaves for Healthy Kids

Toast in the morning, sandwiches at lunch or even a light and quick dinner – bread is a versatile and easy way to add nutrients to your children’s diet. Our breads are baked fresh daily from scratch with no added preservatives, sugar, artificial flavours or colours!

Find your local bakery to enjoy healthy loaves like our Higher Fibre or Country Grain Bread.

Breakfast Club of Canada

COBS Bread is committed to providing every Canadian child with a nutritious breakfast through our Support and partnership with Breakfast Club of Canada. When children start the day on an empty stomach, they lose approximately two hours of productivity at school a day. The Club’s mission is to nourish Canadian children’s potential by making sure as many of them as possible have access to a healthy morning meal before school.

We’re proud to partner with Breakfast Club of Canada again this September!

From now until September 19th, visit your local COBS Bread bakery to make a donation directly to The Club. Visit us September 14 – 16 when $1 from every loaf sold will go to Breakfast Club of Canada. Since 2014, COBS Bread has raised over $385,000 for Breakfast Club of Canada – that’s $385,000 breakfasts!

Help us reach our goal of fundraising $200,000 for Breakfast Club of Canada! Find your local bakery to make a donation today!

Simple Ingredients

Our loaves are made with simple ingredients that start with the science of flour, water, yeast and salt. We add wholesome ingredients like 8 grains and seeds to our Country Grain Loaf and oat fibre to our Higher Fibre loaf, for healthy loaves that the whole family can enjoy.

Higher Fibre Loaf

How do you sneak extra fibre into your child’s (or your) diet? Our Higher Fibre Loaf has four times the fibre of our White Loaf – but tastes just like a White Loaf! Higher Fibre is made with oat fibre, something that kids can’t see (or taste!). Our Higher Fibre Loaf is the perfect sandwich box snacker from a simple PB&J to a triple decker club with the finest of cheese singles.

Country Grain Loaf

Wheat, sesame, flax seed, sunflower, millet, rye, barley, oats – these 8 seeds and grains that make our Country Grain Loaf so healthy (and delicious!) From lunchtime sandwiches to a French Toast Brunch, this loaf can do it all with extra benefits. Baked from scratch with whole grain whole wheat, this customer favourite loaf is not only a source of fibre, it also has 4 grams of protein per slice.

Find your local bakery to pick up these freshly baked loaves.

Tasty, Fresh Bread Baked Daily

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