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Impress Your Guests with Fresh

Impress Your guests With Fresh

The holiday season is the best time to host a party, visit with friends and family, and bake them your favourite festive treats. Or, at least, make them think you did. This year, COBS wants to help you effortlessly impress your guests with fresh baked goodies at all your get-togethers. But be warned – they might be so nice that the compliments might go straight to your head… and make you get a little naughty by taking all the credit. It’s okay, though. Your secret’s safe with us.

Find your local COBS Bread bakery to start taking credit for the baking you didn’t do.

Scones and Tarts

A Festive Snack for Sharing: NICE
Not Sharing: NAUGHTY

No holiday get together is complete without dessert! Stay on the nice list this holiday season by sharing festive treats like Gingerbread Scones and Fruit Mince Tarts, only available until January 2nd. A traditional holiday dessert, our Fruit Mince Tarts are loaded with raisins, currants, orange peel and just the right amount of spices. For a fun twist on a COBS favourite, our Gingerbread Scones are baked fresh throughout the day with candied ginger, warm spices and topped with an indulgent frosting.

Find your local COBS Bread bakery to share a festive treat this December.

French Baguettes

A delicious Parisian standard: NICE
Stacked with 10 different cheeses: NAUGHTY

Create crowd-pleasing appetizers starring the French Baguette to complete the appetizer table at any seasonal party. With a fragrant crust and fluffy centre, bringing this versatile staple to any festive party will instantly land you on the Nice List. (Or stack it with ten different types of cheese to land you on the naughty list!)

Impress your guests one step further by serving slices of Cranberry & Pistachio French Baguette topped with red pepper jelly. Packed with crunchy pistachios and plump cranberries, this baguette looks as good as it tastes!

Find your local bakery to decorate your holiday table with the freshest French Baguettes baked from scratch.

Cranberry Orange Brioche

Fresh baked treats for friends: NICE
Telling friends you baked them: NAUGHTY

A buttery and rich bread with the festive fruity addition of dried cranberry and orange peel. It is perfect toasted with butter– and for ways to wow your family or guests, try it as French Toast or in a decadent Bread Pudding. This customer favourite is only available during the holiday season. You’ll instantly be put on the Nice list if you bring this treat as a hostess gift – or on the naughty list if you tell them you baked it yourself!

Find your local bakery to enjoy Cranberry Orange Brioche while it lasts!

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