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  • Breadcrumbs are added to your account immediately after your purchase. If you did not receive your Breadcrumbs from your purchase, please contact our support team who can assist you.

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  • You can earn Breadcrumbs on every in-bakery purchase you make at COBS Bread! To earn Breadcrumbs for an eligible purchase, present your COBS Bread app at the time of your purchase and scan it to register your Breadcrumbs.

  • You will earn a minimum of 2 Breadcrumbs for every whole dollar, excluding taxes, that you spend at a COBS Bread bakery.

  • When you’ve earned 200 Breadcrumbs, you will be issued a $5 reward that you can redeem on your next in-bakery purchase at COBS Bread! Plus, keep an eye out for additional offers and rewards just for you in your app.

  • To apply your $5 reward to your next purchase simply present your COBS Bread app at the time of your purchase and scan it to redeem your $5 reward.

  • You can earn bonus Breadcrumbs when you accomplish certain tasks or challenges. Your bonus Breadcrumbs get added to your total Breadcrumbs earned from your transaction.

  • Your privacy is very important to us. We collect a few mandatory pieces of information to give you the best COBS experience, and your information is never ever sold to a third party.

    Email: So we can verify your account and let you know when you have new offers and rewards. You can opt-in and opt-out of email communication at any time.

    Phone number: So you can collect Breadcrumbs and redeem rewards at the bakery if you forgot your smartphone. We can find your account in the bakery using your phone number and make sure you get your Breadcrumbs on every visit.

    You can read our full privacy policy here.

  • If you have question that isn’t covered above, you can contact us through our support team by clicking below.

    Contact us here.