Do you have a sensitive tummy? Our Low FODMAP Loaf may be the bread you have been missing.

Did you know an estimated 20 million Canadians suffer from digestion issues? Plus, 1 out of 7 Canadians suffer from IBS.

How can COBS Bread help? COBS Bread is testing a bread made with Low FODMAPs that is ideal for customers with gastrointestinal digestion issues.

Visit select bakeries until April 19, 2019 to try our new Low FODMAP Loaf.

Introducing COBS Bread’s Low FODMAP Loaf

A loaf suitable for those restricting food high in FODMAPS from their diet, our Low FODMAP Loaf is certified FODMAP Friendly. The FODMAP Friendly designation is the only registered trademark worldwide certifying FODMAP levels in packaged food. You can read more about the certification at fodmapfriendly.com.

The Low FODMAP Loaf is available in COBS Bread Test Bakeries for a limited time. If you have been missing bread, this loaf may be for you. Available in two sizes, find the Low FODMAP Loaf and Mini Low FODMAP Loaf in one of our 5 Test Bakeries (listed below).


What’s this new loaf all about? What are FODMAPs and the low FODMAP diet? Why is it better for sensitive tummies?

Visit our Low FODMAP FAQ Page to learn more about our newest loaf.


Participating Low FODMAP Loaf Bakeries

Stop by one of our participating test bakeries to try our Low Fodmap bread:

British Columbia
Port Moody – Suter Brook

Calgary – Country Hills
Edmonton – The Brewery District

Interested in Low FODMAP bread?

Currently, we are testing our Low FODMAP Loaf at select bakeries. If you’re interested in our Low FODMAP Loaf we’d like to hear from you.

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