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So many customers are surprised by the amount of plant-based products we have in our bakeries. So if you haven’t tried one yet, we’re here to tempt you with some delicious customer favourites! Read on to check them out.

  1. Apricot Delight LogLoaf – With more fruit than flour, this bread is stuffed with flavour in every bite. Toast it for breakfast, use it as a grilled cheese or French toast, or even serve it as a sweet treat for the kids!
  2. Cape Seed Loaf – full of texture, this loaf is packed with the nutrients of nine grains and seeds, it is truly packed with plant-based power! This is a bread that will fill your belly for hours.
  3. Country Grain Loaf – a true classic, your family will devour this loaf! The soft centre holds a delicious nutty flavour of smoked grains and seeds making it great for any kind of sandwich.
  4. Italian Herb Focaccia – with a crispy crust and airy texture, this is the perfect dipping bread!Focaccia Dippers
  5. French Baguette – this versatile baguette is the perfect picnic accompaniment, great for lunches or can even be toasted and used as a crostini base for a range of plant-based appetisers.
  6. Higher Fibre Loaf – this loaf packs a healthy punch with four times the amount of fibre in it as our White Loaf, but with the same great taste.
  7. Pizza Bases – our freshly baked pizza bases are seasoned with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and herbs so they make your pizza creations extra tasty. Make it a family affair and create a range of personal pizzas.
  8. Raspberry & Custard Teatime – Our Raspberry & Custard Teatime is created with a sweet dough formed into an easy pull apart style shape and are bursting with fruit and a creamy, plant-based custard filling.
  9. Italian Herb Turkish Bread – a traditional and rustic loaf, our Turkish bread has
  10. Sunflower Flax Sourdough Loaf – this is a long time favourite. With its crunchy crust, dense centre and additional texture from the sunflower seeds and flax seeds it’s no wonder!
  11. Sourdough Loaf & Vienna – our sourdough is made from a traditional recipe that takes over 20-hours which is how we get that great sour taste! No matter the shape, you’re sure to love this as much as we do.
  12. White Bun & Dinner Roll – these two are staples in all households! Fill it with any of your favourite things, turn them into sliders or just serve them as an accompaniment to any meal.
  13. White Loaf – the age old classic loaf, a simple bread made free of preservatives, dairy, colour and added sugar. No wonder it has remained so popular.
  14. Whole Wheat Bun – made with 100% whole grain flour, this bun is a healthy classic t
    hat you can feel good about using for yourself and your children.
  15. Whole Wheat Loaf – our whole wheat breads are also high in fibre. Use the loaf for sandwiches or as a great base for any of your favourite toast toppers.

Yes, that’s right. ALL of those items are a plant-based option. We love seeing what you guys create with our products, but if you need a little inspiration for some meals, we also have a blog post on some of our favourite plant-based recipes! Click here to get inspired.


*Options may vary in bakery.

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