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(Vancouver, BC) April 28, 2021 – COBS Bread bakeries across Canada raised a combined total of $293,562 for charities in their communities, exceeding the goal of $250,000. The Doughation fundraising campaign ran from February 25 through April 7th, 2021. Each bakery selected a local charity in their community whom they would donate the funds to.

Founding family of Bakers Delight and COBS Bread, the Gillespies, matched the donations of the bakery that raised the most for their charity throughout the campaign. As a result, Loaves and Fishes in Nanaimo received a donation of $22,120 on behalf of COBS Bread Terminal Park and the Gillespies.

“Of all of the goals to exceed, this one is particularly special,” says Aaron Gillespie, President of COBS Bread. “Connecting with and helping the communities where we operate is one of the pillars of our business. The matching incentive for the bakery with the most donations really highlighted how much our bakery teams really care about giving back.”

The goal of the campaign was to raise funds for COBS Bread’s community charities across the country while concurrently generating awareness for those organizations. Each bakery selected charities that make an impact on a local level and raised funds at the point of sale by asking customers to add a donation to their purchase, as well as on Doughnation Day where $2 from the sale of every 6-pack of Hot Cross Buns sold were donated to their selected charity.

“I am absolutely stunned by the generosity of our customers across this country,” says Brad Bissonnette, VP of Marketing and Franchise Recruitment. “Without them, we would not have been able to achieve this important goal.”

Many bakeries within the network opted to donate to COBS Bread’s national partner, Breakfast Club of Canada. As a result, $40,000 of the funds raised will be donated to The Club to support breakfast programs across the country.

COBS Bread plans to continue the Doughnation campaign in 2022 and continue to surpass fundraising goals.


At every one of COBS Bread’s 130+ locations across Canada are hand-crafted bread and flavourful treats, baked fresh every day. Offering traditional sandwich breads, artisanal loaves and smart indulgences, COBS Bread focuses on helping you bring high quality, healthy and delicious baked goods into your home. At the end of the day, all leftover product is donated to local charities.

COBS Bread is part of Bakers Delight Holdings Ltd, established in 1980 and operating as Bakers Delight in Australia and New Zealand and COBS Bread in Canada and the United States. Together, they have grown to become the world’s most successful bakery franchise with more than 700 bakery locations worldwide. For more information about COBS Bread, please visit www.www.cobsbread.com.