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New Artisanal Bakery Opening, Riverside Neighbourhood, Windsor Ontario

Meet Sandra Janzen, Your New Local Bakery Owner in the Riverside neighborhood of Windsor, Ontario 

We are happy to introduce Sandra Janzen, the proud owner of our newest bakery in the Riverside neighborhood of Windsor, Ontario.

What is your favourite thing about being part of the COBS Bread network? 

My favourite thing about COBS is the commitment to the community.  My husband, my son and I live in the community and we hire all our staff locally. At the end of every day we donate any remaining bread and baked goods to support the community through local charities.  I really enjoy meeting our customers and getting to know them, some on a daily basis! 

What motivated you to open your second bakery? 

I really enjoy the freedom that being my own boss gives me.  I also really like to meet new people and I enjoy challenges. 

What are you looking forward to the most about your new bakery? 

I love the look of delight when a new customer comes into the bakery.  The excitement and pure joy on their face.  Hearing customers say that the bakery smells so good is really rewarding. 

What is your recipe for success? 

I really try to care about people.  Our staff is great and I’m so proud of the products we make fresh every morning.  I believe every day is literally a new day.  Maybe there were some challenges yesterday, but we get to start again every morning. When we arrive to the bakery at 3 am, it is a fresh start.  

How are you planning on getting involved in the community? 

We are going to continue our tradition of donating locally to charities in the Riverside area.  At our bakery on Division Road, we’ve sponsored multiple community events with Bread-for-a-year raffles and with product donations as well as supporting a local girls hockey team. I intend to continue that in the new bakery and hopefully do even more! 

If you were a treat or loaf from COBS Bread, which one would you be and why? 

Ha! I’d say a Custard Bunlet! Small but mighty!