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Brown Butter Lobster Roll Recipe

Time: Less than 15 Mins Serves: 2

Take your taste buds on a trip to the East Coast with the best lobster roll recipe. Filled with buttery chilled lobster goodness, our toasted Gourmet Hot Dog Bun makes for a totally claw-some recipe.

Chef ‘s Tip #1: Prepare the lobster mixture in a bowl of ice. This will keep the mixture as cold as possible for a refreshing bite.

Chef’s Tip #2: Slice the hot dog buns directly on the top, to allow room for the delicious filling and so that it doesn’t fall out.

What is a traditional lobster roll? A traditional lobster roll uses a delicious hot dog bun that is cut down the centre and toasted with butter. Then, it is filled with fresh lobster meat. For added yumminess, we mix ours with herbs and spices.

Is the lobster in a lobster roll hot or cold? The lobster is chilled and served in a deliciously toasted bun.

What goes well with a lobster roll? Add your favourite chip and an iced lemonade for the perfect summer meal!