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Hot Cross Buns, Make Them Your Own

Take your hot cross buns from simple to simply amazing. Whether you’re someone who enjoys them plain, straight out of the bag, toasted with butter, or making them a delicious French toast. They’re delicious no matter how you enjoy them!

Choose from the Traditional Fruit Hot Cross Bun, the sweet Triple Chocolate Hot Cross Bun or try a twist on the traditional with our Apple Cinnamon Hot Cross Bun . Pick up a 6-pack of hot cross buns at your local bakery and turn the OG into OMG.

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The Classic

The Traditional Fruit Hot Cross Bun is a classic Easter treat filled with raisins, currants and mixed spices. These pillowy hot cross buns are delicious anyway you choose to enjoy them. Try it out as a breakfast sandwich!

Pick up a 6-pack of fresh-baked Traditional Fruit Hot Cross Buns at your local bakery today!

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The Sweet One

Our Triple Chocolate Hot Cross Bun is perfect for the chocolate lovers. Keep it simple and eat it them as a treat or try a Hot Cross Bun Chocolate Parfait for the ultimate dessert!

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A Twist on the Classic

Have you ever had Hot Cross Bun French Toast? You have to try it for your next breakfast (or dessert) with our Apple Cinnamon Hot Cross Buns! Or simply enjoy these fresh-baked buns toasted with butter for your new favorite treat. These sweet and pillowy hot cross buns are perfect for the whole family!

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From Simple to Simply Amazing

Hot cross buns are delicious anyway you choose to enjoy them. Get creative with your hot cross buns and try one of our delicious recipes. Whether it is a quick 15-minute meal, a savory lunch, or a sweet dessert, there is a recipe for everyone!

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Take your Easter from simple to simply amazing

Easter is just around the corner! Wanting to try a new appie, main, or dessert? We have rounded up our favourite Easter recipes to help you put on the best feast to share with family and friends.

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