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Delicious Loaves for the Whole Family

Our loaves are packed with so much goodness that they can barely contain it. You could say they’re bursting with goodness.

Feeding your family is easy with our delicious Family Faves loaves. From our Higher Fiber Loaf, Sourdough Loaf, Sunflower Flax Sourdough Loaf, Cape® Seed Loaf, or the Apricot Delight, there is always something for everyone at your local COBS Bread bakery.

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A Healthy Punch

The whole family will love the delicious Higher Fiber Loaf that is bursting with feel-good oat fiber! It has the same great taste as our White Loaf but with the added benefit of 4x the fiber.

Toast it to make the perfect BLT or try it in a Beyond Meat Garden Sandwich for a tasty and healthy meal.

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Made with Heart-Happy Ingredients

The Cape® Seed Loaf will have the whole family heart-happy from the nutrients of 9 grains and seeds. Delicious and nutritious is the best way to describe the Cape® Seed Loaf that is packed with protein.

It’s perfect for a classic smoked meat sandwich that will leave your belly full for hours!

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A Classic Made with Love

Our Sourdough Loaf has no added preservatives and uses simple and high-quality ingredients! It is a classic loaf that the whole family will enjoy with eggs and bacon on a Saturday morning!

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Big Seed Flavor

Packed with big seed flavor from flax seeds and sunflower seeds, the Sunflower Flax Sourdough Loaf is made with high quality ingredients in authentically rich sourdough.

This loaf tastes amazing in the Pesto Pear Grilled Cheese for the perfect combination of salty and sweet!

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More Fruit than Flour

This flavorful bread is made with more fruit than flour, so it’s practically erupting with apricots! Perfect for family members looking for a fruity addition to their morning routine.

The Apricot Delight comes in a log or loaf so you can enjoy it as a sandwich, toast, or a delicious snack!

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