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With over 80 franchise owners and counting, we have a passionate network of franchisees who will tell you that being a bakery operator with COBS Bread is like being part of a family.

At the risk of sounding cliché, they come from all walks of life. All varying baking expertise (none to expert), all different career paths (IT, sales, contractors, restauranteurs)—but all with the same amount of passion for the COBS Bread brand.

Meet Rob

A few years ago, Rob decided to leave his career in finance to look for a new opportunity and decided to the first  COBS Bread franchisee in the U.S. Find out why he decided that opening a COBS Bread would be right for the U.S.

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Meet Terrell

Terrell opened the first bakery in Guelph, Ontario, and hasn’t looked back since. Learn why Terrell feels a daily sense of accomplishment operating his bakery.

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Meet Steff

The moment you meet Steff, you know she’s a force. Marathoner, mother, and owner of two COBS Bread bakeries, she joined the COBS Bread family with the opening of the first COBS Bread location in Waterloo, Ontario.

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Meet Fiona

Fiona is one of our multi-site franchisees and owns three Toronto bakeries. Passionate about investing in her team to help them grow and develop, Fiona has a strong team of bakery managers to help her manage the operations of her bakeries.

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Meet Raj

Sometimes, you go to a bakery to buy some bread, and sometimes you leave buying the whole bakery. Or at least, that’s what Raj did.

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