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With over 90 franchise owners and counting, we have a passionate network of franchisees who will tell you that being a bakery operator with COBS Bread is like being part of a family.

At the risk of sounding cliché, they come from all walks of life. All varying baking expertise (none to expert), all different career paths (IT, sales, contractors, restauranteurs)—but all with the same amount of passion for the COBS Bread brand.

Why Rob believed the community needed COBS

A few years ago, Rob decided to leave his career in finance to look for a new opportunity and decided to the first  COBS Bread franchisee in the U.S. Find out why he decided that opening a COBS Bread would be right for the U.S.

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Charlotte identified a need

If you can’t find the bread product you like at the grocery store, buy the bakery that makes the bread, so you’ll never run out! Charlotte and Dean moved from England and were dissatisfied in the bread products at the grocery stores- and then they found COBS Bread. After an inter-provincial move, they found themselves without COBS again. So they opened the first COBS Bread in Courtenay, BC.

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Why Brinder owns three bakeries

As our proud owner of three Vancouver bakeries, two in the West End and one in Kits, find out how she came across COBS Bread and what she thinks about owning COBS Bread bakeries.

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The benefits of owning a franchise

Charlotte and Dean knew they had lots of options when it came to franchises. They had both worked for one of the biggest franchises out there- but opening with COBS Bread has helped them achieve the work-life balance they want.

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Why COBS will continue to grow

Brinder knows many of the “not so secret” secrets to COBS Bread’s success. It’s one of the reasons why COBS Bread continues to grow with a strong customer following.

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