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Gift Card FAQs

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  • Where can I purchase a gift card?

    You can purchase a COBS Bread gift card at any location. You can find a bakery on our bakery map.

  • How can I check my balance on my gift card?

    You can view your gift card balance at www.cobsbread.com/us/giftcards

  • How can I register my gift card?

    You can register your gift card at www.cobsbread.com/us/giftcards

  • Why should I register my gift card?

    By registering a gift card, you will prevent the balance on your card from loss or theft.

  • Where can I use the gift card?

    You can use the gift card at any COBS Bread location.

  • Do gift cards expire? Do they incur fees?

    No, gift cards do not have an expiry date. COBS Bread does not charge any fees for the issuance, activation or use of your gift card.

  • Do you charge tax on a gift card?

    Sales tax will not be applied to gift card purchases. If other product is included in your order, tax will apply only to those taxable items.

  • Can I redeem my gift card for cash?

    COBS Bread gift cards are not redeemable for cash except as required by law.

  • Can I redeem my gift card online?

    At this time, gift cards cannot be used for online purchases.

  • Can I return products purchased on a gift card?

    For any products returned that were purchased on a gift card will be refunded back to the gift card.

  • What happens if my gift card is lost, stolen or damaged?

    Treat your gift card as cash. We can only replace gift cards that have been registered by the owner. Your COBS Bread gift card is only protected upon registration and, if lost or stolen, COBS Bread can replace your gift card. Please contact COBS Bread at [email protected] immediately. If your card is damaged, please head to any COBS Bread location where we can add the gift card balance to a new card.

  • Does COBS Bread offer bulk gift card purchases?

    Yes, we do! Please fill out a corporate gift card request form to make a bulk gift card purchase and receive 10% back in bonus cards!

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