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COBS Bread Raises $162,136 for Breakfast Club of Canada

COBS Bread raises $162,136 for Breakfast Club of Canada


Vancouver, BC (November 7, 2018) COBS Bread has raised $162,136 through its 109 bakeries across Canada for Breakfast Club of Canada (The Club), a non-profit organization dedicated to providing funding and services for over 1,600 school breakfast programs in communities across the country.

From September 14 to September 16, 2018, COBS Bread donated $1 from the sale of each loaf to The Club, and customers were also provided with the option to make a donation during a three-week fundraising period from Aug. 30th – Sept 19th.

“As a company that is committed to our communities and providing healthy food to Canadians, our values strongly align with The Club. Our bakery owners and teams really connect with the cause,” says Aaron Gillespie, President of COBS Bread. “We feel it is our duty to work with The Club to help them achieve their mission to ensure no Canadian child starts the school day on an empty stomach.”

The cost of one child’s breakfast through a breakfast program supported by The Club is $1.00. In addition to annual fundraising campaign, many COBS Bread bakeries support The Club’s school breakfast programs through their End of Day Giving program.

About Breakfast Club of Canada

Breakfast Club of Canada is a non-profit organization that provides funding, equipment, food, training and support to school breakfast programs across the country. We are dedicated to making sure every child starts their day with a nutritious meal in a nourishing environment, helping them thrive at school, at home and in their community. Founded in Quebec in 1994, Breakfast Club of Canada began to fund and support school breakfast programs nationally in 2005. For more information, visit www.breakfastclubcanada.org.

About COBS Bread

At every COBS Bread bakery across Canada, you will find cheerful employees, passionate franchisees and of course, the freshest hand-crafted breads and delicious baked treats, baked fresh each day. The cornerstone of the COBS Bread philosophy is a commitment to outstanding customer service, the highest quality products and strong connections with the local community. At the end of the day, all leftover product is donated to local charities. With a goal of 250 bakeries by 2022 in Canada, COBS Bread is dedicated to empowering and developing team members and innovating product offerings to bring delight to each and every customer.

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