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How To: Freeze Bread like a Pro

How To: Freeze Bread Like a Pro

From our classic loaves to our artisanal sourdoughs, our bread is baked fresh every day. Like our authentic sourdough process – no vinegars and no shortcuts. Every Sourdough Loaf takes 16-20 hours to make and the dough rests for a few hours at different stages. We don’t speed up the resting process with machines, like some others because this affects the flavour. The end result is bread full of flavour and made with love.

We want to ensure that our customers get the most out of the bread you love whether you’re using it for freshly made sandwiches, morning toast or crunchy croutons in your salads.

Can you freeze bread from COBS?

One of the most common questions we get asked in our bakeries is can you freeze our bread? The answer is yes! You can keep our bread frozen for up to three months. 

Does bread freeze well? 

Many breads can freeze perfectly fine, without any loss to their quality or flavour. The key to keeping the bread’s flavour is down to how you freeze it. The most important thing is to make sure you keep the loaf protected from any air in the freezer. 

Wondering how to make sure your frozen bread lasts? We’ve compiled a few of our top tips that will help your loaf last below.

Our top 5 tips for freezing bread to get the most out of your loaf

  1. While you can freeze your bread on any day before it dries out, our advice is to freeze your bread on the day of purchase. This ensures that you get the most quality out of your bread and the freshness stays intact as long as possible.
  2. Remove as much air as you can from the bag before placing it in the freezer. No need to store in an extra container, keep the bread in the plastic bread bag given from the bakery.
  3. Slicing your bread before you freeze it ensures that you will be able to remove as many slices as you need instead of thawing the entire loaf. No need to slice at home, our bakery offers pre-slicing in two sizes before you leave the bakery.
  4. No need to thaw your bread if you plan on eating it toasted. Simply add an extra dial or two to your regular toaster settings. If you plan on thawing your loaf before enjoying it, simply remove from the freezer the night before and leave at room temperature.
  5. Wondering how long you can freeze bread? We recommend consuming your frozen bread within 3 months for optimal freshness. However, bread will stay fresh for up to 6 months if stored correctly. We recommend adding an extra layer in the freezer such as aluminum foil or freezer wrap if you plan on keeping the loaf frozen longer than 3 months.

Fact: All of our bread is sold on the day it is was baked.

Another fresh fact: Our breads contain no added preservatives and our Healthy breads contain no added sugar or dairy! Talk about FRESH!

Why is it good to freeze bread? 

Although we always recommend to consume your bread within 3 days of purchasing it for optimal freshness, freezing bread is a great way to keep it fresh for a longer time. Freezing bread is a particularly good idea if you don’t eat bread daily, or don’t go through a full loaf by the time it loses its freshness. 

How to unfreeze bread

If your bread is going in a toaster, no need to think about defrosting bread! Just turn the dial up a notch or two for optimal tastiness.

If you’re making a delicious sandwich, follow these steps in how to perfectly defrost your bread:

  1. Remove your slices from the freezer
  2. Leave them on a counter for 2 hours before you plan to use it
  3. Make into the most tasty sandwich ever using all your fave ingredients

Pressed for time? You can microwave on high uncovered for 15 to 20 seconds to defrost your bread. Order online or visit your local COBS Bread Bakery to pick up one of our fresh and delicious loaves.