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Brighten Someone's Day with Scones

Our new Strawberry Passion Fruit Scone is the perfect tropical treat. Enter to win scones to share with someone whose day you would like to brighten!

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New Strawberry Passion Fruit Scone

Our new Strawberry Passion Fruit Scone is here. Baked fresh daily with passion fruit puree, smooth white chocolate chips and juicy strawberries, it’s a tropical treat to brighten your day.

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Baked fresh daily by bakers with passion.

We’re devoted to the craft of quality baking, and we’re passionate about the bread and baked treats that you bring home to your family. We bake throughout the day because we believe fresh is better.

Every loaf is a blank canvas. Will it become a multi-layered sandwich, a thick wedge smothered with cheese and garlic butter, or sweet, spongy french toast? Whether it’s to support your marathon goals or satisfy your sweet tooth, the choice is in your hands.

Be inspired. Come find goodness here.

Always Fresh

Bread with no preservatives. Baked with quality ingredients.

Quality ingredients and scratch baking techniques create that warm, buttery smell and happy feeling when you walk into a COBS Bread bakery. You’ll never have to worry about added preservatives in our bread. It’s as important to us as kneading dough or pre-heating the oven. From bun to crumb, this is as pure as it gets.

Everyone deserves to rise.

COBS Bread was built on community, which is why each bakery partners with local charities and donates unsold baked goods at the end of each day. Over $250 million later, we’re always looking for ways to give back to the incredible people in our neighbourhoods.

Donations Everyday

Tasty, Fresh Bread Baked Daily

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