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Sourdough Vienna


Cape© Seed Loaf


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Hawaiian Mini Pizza


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Double the Breadcrumbs!

Join COBS Club to earn DOUBLE the breadcrumbs on every purchase all September. Now you can earn your rewards twice as fast!

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Pumpkin’s Back, Alright!

The ultimate fall treats are back for a limited time: Pumpkin Scones! Pick up a 6-pack of today.

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Level up your lunch

Take yours and your kids' lunches from boring to bravo with our freshly-baked breads today.

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Start Something Good with a COBS Bread Franchise

Let Steff, Terrell, Raj and Fiona tell you why they decided to start something good by franchising a COBS Bread bakery (or two)!

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Baked fresh daily by bakers with passion.

At COBS Bread, we celebrate fresh. Whether you’re picking up a scratch-baked loaf of bread for the family or a decadent treat for yourself, you can always be sure that the day you walk into our bakery is the day we baked it.

It’s how we promise that every slice, every bite, and every taste of what we do will be a celebration of fresh, just for you.

No Funny Business

Quality ingredients and scratch baking techniques create that warm, buttery smell and happy feeling when you walk into a COBS Bread bakery. You’ll never have to worry about added preservatives in our bread. It’s as important to us as kneading dough or pre-heating the oven. From bun to crumb, this is as pure as it gets.


Finding a Home for Every Bread

Through our End of Day Giving program, our bakeries connect with our larger communities by helping every bread find a home after our doors close. It makes us a real part of the communities in which we operate, provides bread to those who need it, and helps reduce food waste.

With over $300 million worth of product donations to date, we’re always looking for ways to give back to the incredible people in our neighborhoods.

Tasty, Fresh Bread Baked Daily

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