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Our bakeries are partnering with local charities to collect donations all month long to support your community. Stop by your local COBS Bakery from now until March 2nd to donate to a charity in your local community when you’re picking up your loaves and sweet treats.

Join us in spreading love, one donation at a time! Together, let’s make an impact that truly matters.

Donate in Bakery

our annual fundraiser is back!

On Saturday, March 2nd visit your local bakery where $2 from every 6-pack of hot cross buns sold will be donated to a charity within your community. Dough it for your community indulge to make a difference!


Every Bread Finds A Home

We bake all of our products fresh every day and then we give fresh every night, so every bread (and treat) finds a home. At the end of every day, our bakeries donate the unsold goods to local charitable programs.

Dedicated volunteers then visit our bakeries to pick up the unsold bread and baked goods which they distribute to local charities. With daily needs for food in every city, and growing food waste concerns, each of our locations proudly donates their unsold products.

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