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Join a Thriving Franchise Network

We are so very proud of our franchisee network. It’s full of leaders who adapt. Who listen. Who rise to the occasion. Who share their insights and inspire their teams. And we are looking for more franchisees, like them… and like you!

With our growth plans, our network, and our loyal customers, it’s a great time to apply to open a COBS Bread bakery.

And we also have a pretty sweet deal– no initial franchise fee for new bakeries!

Why Choose COBS Bread?

The fastest growing bakery concept in Canada

COBS Bread started in 1980 in Australia as a family-run business called Bakers Delight. There are now over 700 Bakers Delight locations in Australia and New Zealand. COBS Bread has been built on this success and experience with over 150 bakeries in Canada, and plans to grow by an estimated 15 bakeries per year for the next several years.

Our franchisees use the strength of a nationally recognized brand to grow their businesses and give back to the community. We’ve proudly donated over $300 million in unsold products to local charities since 2003.

Learn to run a franchised business from scratch

No baking or business experience needed! We’ll teach you everything you need to know. You’ll get hands-on training during our 16-week program, which is designed to get you up to speed on everything you need to operate your COBS Bread Franchisee.

You’ll learn business planning, operations, HR, marketing, maintenance, financial management, customer service and more.

With the support your receive from your franchisor, you’ll be able to embrace our entrepreneurial spirit while receiving the benefit of a competitive advantage with a trusted brand.

Get support so you’re ready to roll

A bakery franchise opportunity is perfect for entrepreneurial people who love systems and support, but want to minimize risk. As a COBS Bread franchisee, we’re here to help you with site selection and lease negotiations, construction, training, marketing, operations and more.

An Area Manager will provide continuous support from opening day and beyond. By helping you set goals, troubleshooting, tracking financial performance and connecting you to the broader franchise network, you’ll realize you’re never alone.

At this rate, it’s no surprise we’ve been a Franchisees’ Choice Award Winner for fourteen consecutive years!

We can help you find the dough for your COBs bread franchise cost

Whether you’re looking at investing in a new franchise or a business for sale, know that everyone finds their own way to finance their business. Wondering about the COBS Bread Franchise cost?

We use our long-term relationships with top financial institutions and offer flexible financing options to help you get enough capital to build your dream.

Many of our franchisees are in the position to pay off their loans in less than 5 years. With our operating profit going up year over year, it is our goal to make this possible for all franchisees.


COBS 3 Key Principles

Franchisee Financial Health

The success of our system depends on franchisee profitability. It starts with a four month training program before you open your bakery, followed by a one year Franchisee Assessment program that supports you as you grow your business. You’ll have full access to network-wide financial results and benchmarks that encourage you to aim high and achieve higher.

Growing the Brand

We’re focused on building a strong, healthy, vibrant brand. You’ll get the benefits of a national marketing fund focused on driving traffic to your bakery, plus a local fund to support your community initiatives.

A Relentless Commitment to the Customer

The customer is the lifeblood of our business, and we deliver personalized service that’s unmatched in the industry. We provide a 16-week onboarding program and offer baker and sales certification programs so you can exceed expectations in every interaction.

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