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COBS Bread Lakeshore Hosted a Holiday Food Drive

Kevin, the proud franchisee of COBS Bread Lakeshore in Oakville, has been operating his bakery for over 15 years. He started out his journey as an Area Manager and eventually opened his own COBS Bread bakery in Ontario. Since then, Kevin has been able to do what he loves the most – operating his own bakery, while giving back to the community.

Through COBS Bread’s End of Day Giving Program, Kevin has been partnering with Kerr Street Mission to donate leftover bread and baked treats to communities in need. Located in Oakville, Kerr Street Mission is a local charity that is committed to helping people in difficulty and distress with one-on-one support and engagement. The charitable organization has been very prominent in the community and offers many valuable resources to support those in need. This includes, such as children’s programs, youth development opportunities, family care support and more.

Instead of partnering with a variety of organizations, Kevin decided to partner with only one group because he believes that there is a greater impact of doing so. This is because efforts are more concentrated and the bakery is able to make a bigger difference in the community.

Lakeshore also works with Kerr Street Mission to host a variety of bakery-lead community initiatives throughout the year. During the holiday season, the bakery hosted a food drive for the group between November 30th, 2021, to December 7th, 2021, to collect non-perishable food items for the many food programs that Kerr Street Mission provides for the community.

“During this time of the year, it is a time of celebration and gatherings for most of us. However, for many in our community, it is a real time of struggle to provide for their families. It is important to be a real part of the community that we operate in, and help where we can,” says Kevin, the Lakeshore Bakery Owner.

Throughout the food drive, large donation boxes were wrapped like Christmas gifts and could be easily seen through the bakery window. On Giving Tuesday, the bakery also gave a free loaf of bread to anyone who donated that day. In total, the team collected over 500lbs of non-perishable food items. Congratulations Kevin and the Lakeshore team!

Kevin truly embodies the COBS Bread passion of making a difference in the community. He believes that giving back is more than just donating leftover bread to those in need, it is also about building meaningful relationships with the community by doing as much as we can to support others.