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Long-Time Franchisee, Kiran Behl

Kiran Behl’s commitment to being the local community bakery is apparent in her smile when you walk through the doors at COBS Bread South Point Annex on 152nd in South Surrey. Standing behind the counter in front of her favourite bread, she will ask you how you are, listen with attention, and provide you with a confident and impassioned recommendation for your needs.

For the past nearly 12 years, Behl has been a proud bakery and local business owner. “I loved what COBS Bread stood for 11 years ago, and it’s still the same – fresh baking every single day and giving leftover product at the end of the day to local charities. Bread baked from scratch with no sugar, dairy or preservatives. Quality ingredients. I am proud to serve our products to my customers.”

It’s this kind of passion that keeps her customers coming back. Melanie, a regular of the Higher Fibre bread, says she will make special trips to pick up slider buns, but more importantly, makes the trips to the bakery for the customer service. Similarly, customer Ken loves the customer service, the bakers, his white loaf and of course- the Cinnamon Buns.

Behl is a proud local franchise owner, and a very proud Canadian as well. Originally from the UK, she became a Canadian citizen in 2014. This is a role she takes very seriously- as a citizen, woman and business owner, Behl is an active member of the South Surrey White Rock community. “Canada gave me the opportunity to become a business woman as a single mum. To be given that chance to make something of your life against the odds– I feel blessed,” says Behl.

The bakery is an active supporter of local organizations such as the Peach Arch Hospital Foundation, the Semiahmoo House Society, the Ride to Conquer Cancer and local schools, in addition to charities who benefit from receiving End of Day Giving product. Behl herself has been recognized by the Rotary and is an active member of the Chamber of Commerce. “I live in this area. I do business in this area. It’s a no-brainer for me to be a part of the community in which I work and live,” says Behl.

COBS Bread South Point Annex is currently under renovations but will be reopening on Mar 10 and 11, doing a fundraiser for The Ride To Conquer Cancer on these days. For every pack of 6 Hot Cross Buns (any 4 flavours) we shall donate back $2 to the Ride.

Kiran Behl - South Point Annex - Ride to Conquer Fundraiser

South Point Annex during a 2016 Ride to Conquer Fundraiser