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Expert-Baked Sourdough

Amaze Friends & Family!

Baking sourdough has never been easier (with a little help from COBS). Amaze everyone with your new and improved sourdough recipe by picking up hand-crafted Sourdough at your local COBS Bread. We make our sourdough from scratch daily using an authentic, time-honoured method, so you don’t have to.

So which fresh, tasty sourdough will you bake today?

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Sourdough from scratch

One up your neighbour Susan’s sourdough (with a little expert help). Our sourdough is made the traditional way, ensuring we get that perfect thick, crunchy crust and dense centre that you know and love.

The Sourdough Loaf is one of our favourites for grilled sandwiches, toast, open melts and more! With the distinct taste of an authentic, artisanal bread, this loaf will help elevate any meal idea.

Our Sourdough Buns are the perfect lunchtime addition to meal prep or take on the go. But our favourite way to use Sourdough Buns? Hollow them out and put your favourite dip or soup inside for a unique meal idea to impress your family and friends.

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baked fresh daily

The Sunflower Flax Sourdough Loaf uses the same amazing base as our traditional sourdough, with the addition of sunflower seeds and flax seeds for a nutty flavour, and a little extra crunch with every bite. Leave your co-workers in awe of your secret recipe (it’ll be our little secret).

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authentic, artisanal bread

Made from scratch daily, the Sourdough Vienna is the perfect bread to show off “your” flawless baking. We love turning the Sourdough Vienna into pull-apart loaves stuffed with cheese and fancy toast toppers (the shape does all the work, trust us).

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Making a perfect sourdough

Interested in learning even more about sourdough and what makes it taste truly amazing? We interviewed our resident sourdough guru on what it takes to make the BEST sourdough.

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