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Focaccia Five Ways

Focaccia Five Ways

With its fluffy interior and crispy, seasoned crust – we wouldn’t blame you for eating the whole Focaccia right out of the bag before you even get home! If, however, you do manage to get it home for dinner or entertaining, we’ve got five delicious ways to serve your Focaccia. In the extremely unlikely event that it makes it to day-old status, we also have some recipes for breadcrumbs.

Focaccia Dipper

Focaccia Dippers

The quickest way to start diving into Focaccia? Pair it with your favourite olive oil & vinegar. With an open crumb structure, the holes in the bread make it ideal for absorbing the flavour of your dip of choice. Looking to go an extra step? We’ve got a tomato sauce dip recipe to try.

Panzanella Salad

Panzanella Salad with Focaccia

Who says you can’t win friends with salad? Toast up Lemon Garlic Croutons from our Italian Herb Focaccia to create this awesome salad.


Meatball Sliders

Focaccia Meatball Sliders

Although a perfect appie for entertaining, there’s no need to save these Meatball Sliders for the weekend! Day-old Focaccia makes great garlic breadcrumbs which adds flavour to these mini patties. If your Focaccia never makes it to day two, you can always dry it out in an oven before crumbling.

Pesto Linguini

Pesto Linguini with Focaccia

What better partner for Focaccia than pasta! Indulge in this Pesto Linguini and be temporarily transported to the cobble-stone streets of Rome.

Peach &  Proscuitto Summer Focaccia

Peach And Prosciutto on Focaccia - 600

We reached out to foodie blogger Jess (Cooking in My Genes) to see what she could do with our Focaccia and she rose to the challenge! This Peach & Proscuitto Summer Focaccia just screams summer and we can’t wait to try it for ourselves!

Bonus Recipe – Shrimp & Chorizo on Focaccia

Shrimp And Chorizo on Focaccia - 1080

Another foodie blogger who did amazing things with our Focaccia is Amelia from Amelia Does Dinner. This Shrimp & Chorizo on Focaccia Recipe has us drooling already!

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