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International Picnic Day!

June 18th is International Picnic Day and we want to share some tasty suggestions for packing the perfect picnic (it isn’t truly a picnic without some of these fresh baked goods). But first – some history: Picnic was originally a 17th Century French word, picque-nique. Its meaning was similar to today’s meaning: a social gathering where each attendee brings a share of the food. Want to really impress your friends? Bring along some of our delicious French pastries and wow them with your new trivia on picnics!

Whether you’re grabbing your bike and heading to your local park or simply having lunch in the garden, grab some COBS Bread supplies and make some memories.

However you choose to enjoy the day, play some games, listen to music or simply enjoy the food and conversation, a picnic outside is always a good plan!

So who’s ready to share some delicious food and drink with family and friends this weekend?

These are our go-to picnic pals that are sure to delight:

Apricot Delight Log 

A true delight, the Apricot Delight Log has juicy apricots, raisins and currants that appeal to anyone looking for a fruity addition to their perfect picnic. Enjoy on its own or with some Bonne Maman juicy jam.

Cape Seed Loaf 

The Cape Seed Loaf is not only nutty and full of texture, it’s packed with the nutrients of nine grains and seeds. Slice thick pieces for a classic smoked meat sandwich that’ll keep you full for hours while outside. See one of our favourite Cape Seed recipes that never disappoints.

Sunflower Flax Sourdough Vienna 

Our Sunflower Flax Sourdough Vienna has a thick crunchy crust and a dense flavourful center. This makes it a perfect accompaniment to your favourite cheese. With the perfect mix of sunflower seeds and flax seeds this bread is sure to impress at the picnic table.

Ps. All the above breads are Vegan Suitable.

Not forgetting the ultimate addition to any picnic – scrumptious scones. Choose a 6-pack to takeaway with one of each flavour to keep everyone smiling and satisfied. Feeling sweet? Bring along one (or all) of our delicious Danishes options to enjoy for the perfect picnic pack.

Share any Picnic Pics with us by tagging @cobsbread on social. Happy Picnicking!