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Meet Jeff, One of Our Many Passionate Small Business Owners

“Starting my own business is something that I have always wanted to do – to have my own team and to build an organization. It is rewarding to create something as a team, that we can look back at it and say that we have accomplished this together.”

In light of Small Business Month, we are sharing our franchisees’ stories about their entrepreneurial journey with you!

Last week, we shared Silvi’s story about being the bakery owner of COBS Bread Heartland Town Center. This week, we’d like to introduce Jeff, our franchisee of Liberty Village. Keep on reading to learn more about his experience of being a small business owner at COBS Bread!

Meet Jeff

Jeff is the franchisee of the Liberty Village bakery in Toronto, Ontario– he joined the COBS Bread network earlier this year. Before becoming a bakery owner, Jeff was working a corporate role but have always wanted to make his entrepreneurial dream come true. “I wanted to become my own boss. My bakery is what I make it, and I can control my destiny,” says Jeff.   

Compared to starting a business from scratch, opening a franchise like COBS Bread felt like the right move for Jeff, because the brand is well recognized and has the security of a proven system. “One of the things I was looking for with franchise opportunities was the maturity of the organization. COBS Bread was clearly one of the best out there, with a strong training program and support system. The brand has a strong vision, and a clear plan with what they want to achieve,” says the franchisee.  

Although Jeff is in the early stages of business ownership, he has a strong vision for his bakery with a huge focus on producing high quality product and team work. “I love working with my team to get aligned on our vision. There is a great sense of accomplish to achieve goals and win trophies together,” says Jeff. He looks forward to mentoring his team to support their career growth, and to help them become well-rounded individuals.