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New Franchisee Mark Was a Paramedic and a Baker at Heart

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We are so excited to welcome Mark to the COBS Bread family! Mark is the proud owner of our newest bakery located in Toronto, Ontario. He is a happy-go-lucky guy who is passionate about baking and people– the perfect combo.  Keep reading to learn a little more about what led and prepared him for his new journey.

What did you do before becoming a COBS Bread bakery owner?

I have been a paramedic since 1997 and was with the Toronto Paramedic Services since June 1999.

When did you join the COBS Bread family? Why did you decide to go with COBS?

I guess the official date that I joined the COBS family was on July 14, 2021, when I took possession of my brand-new bakery!  However, my journey to COBS started in 2020.  I was on leave after being diagnosed with PTSD.  I realized that as much as I love being a paramedic, it was time to turn to my other passion: baking and cooking.  It was always a dream to open a small café or bakery after retirement.  After researching COBS Bread, I knew this company was the one for me.  What sealed the deal was the End of Day Giving program.

What are you looking forward to about your new bakery?

I am very excited to continue developing a close-knit, friendly team.  I want to create an environment where everyone enjoys being at work.  I look forward to being able to interact with our customers and surrounding communities.  What I am most looking forward to is being able to donate high quality products to help feed those who are in need.  I have seen firsthand how far a little help can go.  I am happy that I am still able to help those in a time of need; no longer as a paramedic, but as a baker and small business owner.

Before joining COBS, were you much of a baker?

I started baking and cooking as a child at my mother’s side, and never stopped.  I truly love to create new recipes– and feed as many people as possible!  It is hard to describe how great the feeling is when people compliment my creations.

How are you planning on getting involved in the community?

I plan to continue working with my friends and medical colleagues supporting front line mental health, cancer research, women and family shelters, and the LGBTQ2 community.  I plan to work closely with my Area Manager and COBS to create and support as many public initiatives as possible. I will continue my connections with Paramedics for a Cure, CUPE Local 416, I’ve Got your Back 911.

And a couple of questions, just for fun!

If you were a treat or loaf from COBS, which one would you be and why?

Definitely a Challah loaf.  On the outside it looks big and imposing; but on the inside it’s soft and sweet.

What’s in your favourite sandwich?

Ooooh…thick slice whole wheat, lightly toasted, herb/garlic aioli, crisp lettuce & tomato, paper thin sweet onions; slow smoked turkey breast and ham, deli pickle on the side!!

Now I’m craving that sandwich…. gotta go!

Visit Mark and his team at COBS Bread The Queensway!

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