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Our President’s Insights in The Globe and Mail

We are excited to announce that our President, Aaron Gillespie is being featured in The Globe and Mail’s Globe Leadership Series during the month October, in light of National Small Business Month in Canada.

Small Business Month celebrates the important contributions that entrepreneurs make to the economy and their local communities. Now more than ever, the growth potential and top strategies for small businesses are being recognized, as they are strategizing on how to maintain operations, meet customer expectations and adapt to evolving regulations.

The Globe Leadership Lab is dedicated to provide career advice and insights to readers of all backgrounds and all stages of life. Aaron is proud to share insights on the value of the franchising model, the intersection of business and corporate social responsibility, as well as the recipe to attract leaders to your organization.

In tumultuous times, a franchise might be a great option for small business owners

The ongoing pandemic has certainly been the crash course in survival and adaptation for all companies, especially for small to medium sized businesses. While no business model is pandemic-proof, the franchising model can provide stability to those that are just starting their own business.

Aaron discusses the key factors that make franchise route appealing for those with an entrepreneurial dream:

  • Strong operational and training support
  • Peer-to-peer mentorship
  • Access to marketing and technology
  • Buying power

To learn more about how franchising can offer support for small business owners, check out the article!

Companies giving back to their communities isn’t just altruism – it’s smart business sense

Giving back to the community is certainly a good practice for business, however, those that create meaningful relationships with the communities, consumers and employees are the true winners. As current generations have higher expectations for companies to prioritize corporate social responsibility, it is important to ensure a company’s position on philanthropy is clear.

Aaron discusses the key strategies for authentic and meaningful engagement within an organization:

  • Engage in corporate social responsibility initiatives that are relevant and important to stakeholders
  • Encourage customers to help fund the initiatives that align with the business

To learn more about the value of corporate responsibility and community involvement, check out the article!

How to attract leaders to your organization – and keep them there 

There are no doubts that the current job market is extremely competitive and skilled candidates are in high demand. As a result, many small and mid-size businesses are struggling to find and retain leaders and staff who have the skills needed to help grow the company. Therefore, it becomes even more important to attract qualified candidates to the organization.

Aaron discusses the key strategies to bring the right people into your organization:

  • Focus on a candidate’s overall profile
  • Build a strong recruitment process
  • Develop an attractive retention strategy
  • Offer ongoing learning opportunities

To learn more about how business owners can attract qualified candidates that will stay committed to delivering long-term success, check out the article!