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Steff, our multi-site franchisee, opened her third COBS Bread bakery!

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Steff Steers is in the COBS Bread spotlight again, with the opening of her third bakery, COBS Bread Blackstone in Waterloo. Keep reading to learn a little more about Steff, what led her to open her third bakery and how she plans on continuing her efforts in giving back to the community. Congratulations Steff!

What led you to open your third bakery?

Short answer is: I love what I do!

Long answer, looking at Kitchener-Waterloo, I wanted to make sure my market was well represented with a convenient COBS Bread location as people navigate around the city. COBS Bread The Boardwalk is very central and COBS Bread Fairway Plaza pulls in another section of Kitchener and even some Cambridge. Our newest location, COBS Bread Blackstone, is on the far east side of Waterloo (a demographically strong pocket) and forms a triangle of fresh baked delightfulness!

What are you looking forward to the most about your new bakery?

The excitement of opening a new bakery fuels me. I love building a new team and I love meeting new customers. I’m excited to be reunited with many regular customers from COBS Bread The Boardwalk that I have not seen as often, while I was concentrating on developing COBS Bread Fairway Plaza. They live closer to our new bakery, COBS Bread Blackstone, and have been waiting for the opening as much as I have. It is only a two minute drive from home for me!

What is your recipe for success?

Our recipe for success is operational excellence in everything we do! We have a purpose statement banner posted for the team at our bakeries:

  • COBS Bread The Boardwalk 1st – “Be Delightful”
  • COBS Bread Fairway Plaza 2nd – “Be Beyond Delightful”
  • COBS Bread Blackstone 3rd – “Above and Beyond Delightful”

What charity did you pick and why for your community day?

For all three bakeries, our Community Day charity partner is KidsAbility. KidsAbility is an incredible organization focusing on the abilities of children with disabilities. They provide early and exceptional family-centered services to help children reach their full potential.

How are you planning on getting involved in the community?

We are very active with other community partners providing our exceptional product to support their initiatives, whether that is supporting local hospital staff or volunteers across various community organizations. I look forward to a COVID calm world, when more social and community activities can take place. I am a yapper and I love talking about all things COBS Bread!

Visit Steff and her team at COBS Bread Blackstone!

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