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Thank you for your Doughnations!

Over the last month and a half our bakeries have been able to raise an incredible $293,562 amount and donate to over 70 charities nationwide! Of course, this could not have been achieved without YOUR help! So we want to take this opportunity to thank you and our amazing staff that helped us surpass our original goal of $250,000 by almost $50,000.

All across Canada our bakeries were working hard to fund raise for their chosen charities. We’ve gathered a few stories from our bakeries to share with you on the efforts they put in to making our Doughnation fundraiser such a success!


COBS Bread Summit 

Our Kamloops bakery chose to donate their funds to the Royal Inland Hospital Foundation. This hospital is the only emergency hospital in Kamloops and is in dire need of support from the community. This foundation is especially near and dear to our franchisee’s heart.

“Both of my in-laws have had heart issues in the past. Kamloops is not equipped to deal with heart incidents. Both my in-laws have made the long ambulance ride to Kelowna to receive life saving treatment. Unfortunately, they [Kamloops] do not receive the funding they need to make some of these improvements.”

To encourage staff members to ask for donations with every purchase, they generously offered every staff member $10 for every $100 they raised. This meant that almost every customer was asked if they wanted to donate an additional $1-2 to the charity and saw them more than double their initial goal of raising $2000. Kamloops ended up raising and donating $5,173 to the Royal Inland Hospital Foundation!


COBS Bread Westshore 

Located on Vancouver Island, this bakery chose a charity that was EXTRA close to their hearts. They raised funds for the Home is Where the Heart is Foundation that was founded by one of their very own COBS Bread team members. Home is Where the Heart is Foundation is striving to solve the homelessness problem in Victoria, BC.

“All of the team members were so excited about supporting their colleague with her newly founded charity, so they [put in extra] effort informing customers about it and asking them for donations.”

As a result of the obvious passion and excitement from the team members, customers were equally as excited to help out the young team member and her foundation, they were very generous and never hesitated to support the local charity and its cause. They managed to raise an amazing $2,201.


COBS Bread Highway Ten & Eglinton

This bakery located in Ontario was raising funds for the Food for Kids charity, and had the very exciting target of raising $5000 over two years to be able to aid the charity in launching a new breakfast program for the 2022 school year. This program doesn’t currently exist so they were all very inspired to get the program off the ground! They managed to raise $2,011 this year and are excited to keep the efforts going.

“On Doughnation Day we offered customers a sample of a Hot Cross Bun in case they needed any additional motivations to pick up a pack (or two) to support Food with Kids.

The samples worked VERY well with the customers, it’s definitely hard to resist one of our delicious hot cross bun flavours once you’ve had a taste.


COBS Bread Georgetown

Our Georgetown bakery in Ontario is one of our newer locations, but that just meant that they were shouting from the streets about having hot cross buns! To celebrate and drive more customers into their bakery on Doughnation Day they really dressed up their bakery with balloons outside, and offered customers a very special gift if they donated to their chosen charity.

               “Any customer who donates $5 to Breakfast Club of Canada got to spin the prize wheel!”

With this additional incentive to donate directly to their charity (and the additional $2 from every 6-pack sold) meant that they were able to raise $2,643 for the Breakfast Club of Canada. They were excited to fund raise for them as they really believe in the importance of supporting children in need.


COBS Bread Crowfoot

One of our Calgary bakeries, they chose to support the Calgary Women’s Shelter. They were also one of our top fundraising bakeries, raising a mind-blowing $8,696! They were blown away by the support of the community and we are too. On Doughnation Day, to help spread awareness of the charity they had a representative come down and spend the day with them and talk to customers.

“One of our customers who works at the shelter mentioned that requests for aid have double within the past 12 months and a lot of fundraisers the Calgary Women’s Shelter had been running were cancelled due to COVID-19. So, we really wanted to help.”

We believe this personal touch of bringing someone from the charity down and connecting with the customers while in line really helped push their fundraising efforts over the line.


Some of our bakeries chose to support Breakfast Club of Canada, one of our national partners. They provide nutritious breakfasts to children in need, believing that no child should have to start their school day on an empty stomach. We have been raising funds Breakfast Club of Canada since 2014, and this year we were able to donate an additional $41,744 to their efforts.

Thank you to you, our customers, and all of the wonderful team members that made this possible. We can’t wait celebrate Doughnation Day all over again next year!