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They Came to Canada and They Opened Their Own COBS

We have franchisees from many walks of life. We are proud to have bakery owners with experience from a vast array of careers, and many of those franchisees came to Canada from far and distant lands! For the entrepreneurial-minded new Canadian, COBS Bread proves to be an attractive option for business ownership. With a team of experts and bread lovers to support you in all aspects of the business, it’s a great way to own your own business, support your family, and get involved in the community!

Hear from three of our franchisees who have immigrated from all over the world, and why they felt COBS Bread was a good choice for them. Inquire today to find out more about franchising with COBS Bread.


1. Bishwa – Owner of COBS Bread Marda Loop. Originally from Calcutta, India

Photo credit: Calgary Herald

Why did you decide to buy a COBS Bread bakery?

It was important to me to own my own business, and I was looking for a franchise that had some results behind it. Retail business can be risky, but COBS fit into my comfort level. I’m very happy as a franchisee and I hope to open another one soon! It’s been a very good ride.

What experience from your past has been the most helpful in your role as franchisee?

I have been a chef and managed kitchens. That experience helped me with managing people. I also worked with hotels and cruise ship, and that gave me experience with balancing budgets, including food costs and labour costs. It wasn’t too hard to translate into COBS and how we operate.


2. Alex – Owner of COBS Bread Country Hills, Calgary. Originally from Colombia

What has been your experience owning a COBS Bread bakery?

My experience as a franchisee has been really positive. I think we are lucky to be part of a great franchise which makes big impact in our communities. We are not only part of a growing business, but also we have to opportunity to help the community through out different programs and campaigns.

Why did you decide buying a franchise was the right choice for you and your family?

Since we moved from Colombia, we always missed the fresh bread we bought at our local bakery back home. COBS Bread make us feel like we are back in our home town. And, ss franchise owner/operator, we can spend more quality time in family.



3.  Nike – Owner of COBS Bread Kensington, Calgary. Originally from Nigeria

Why did you decide buying a franchise was the right choice for you and your family?

Not having a previous experience running a business in Canada, we believed the franchise opportunity was the way to go. Our research on COBS revealed that it is a franchise that is respected, and provides great support for new owners. These, alongside our already pleasant customer experience made our decision simple and straightforward.

What was the main reason you went with COBS Bread?

A number of reasons influenced our decision to buy a COBS franchise. The consistent high quality of the products (which we enjoyed as customers for several years) was the biggest reason. When we made up our mind to invest and own our own family business, we did not look further than COBS.



Nike, Alex and Bishwa are only a handful of the successful franchisees across our network who moved to Canada and decided COBS was the right fit for them. We hope you will consider COBS in your journey to join a franchise and become a part of your community.

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